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4. Formal Logic / A. Syllogistic Logic / 1. Aristotelian Logic
Traditional term logic struggled to express relations [Engelbretsen]
     Full Idea: The greatest challenge for traditional term logicians was the proper formulation and treatment of relational expressions.
     From: George Engelbretsen (Trees, Terms and Truth [2005])
     A reaction: The modern term logic of Fred Sommers claims to have solved this problem.
4. Formal Logic / A. Syllogistic Logic / 3. Term Logic
Term logic rests on negated terms or denial, and that propositions are tied pairs [Engelbretsen]
     Full Idea: That terms can be negated, that such negation is distinguishable from denial, and that propositions can be construed syntactically as predicationally tied pairs of terms, are important for the tree theory of predication, and for term logic.
     From: George Engelbretsen (Trees, Terms and Truth [2005], 2)