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25. Society / E. State Functions / 4. Education / d. History study
History is wonderfully devoid of meaning [Cioran]
     Full Idea: That History has no meaning is what should delight our hearts.
     From: E.M. Cioran (A Short History of Decay [1949], 5)
     A reaction: I have just read a history of the Wars of the Roses, and I wholeheartedly endorse Cioran's view.
Despite endless suggestions, no one has found a goal for history [Cioran]
     Full Idea: No one has found a valid goal for history; but everyone has proposed one.
     From: E.M. Cioran (A Short History of Decay [1949], 1 'The Indirect')
     A reaction: This seems to be an attack on the Hegelian idea of destiny that suffused both marxism and fascism in the 1930s.