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28. God / A. Divine Nature / 3. Divine Perfections
We can't assume God's perfections are like our ideas or like human attributes [Hume]
28. God / B. Proving God / 1. Proof of God
The objects of theological reasoning are too big for our minds [Hume]
28. God / B. Proving God / 2. Proofs of Reason / b. Ontological Proof critique
It can never be a logical contradiction to assert the non-existence of something thought to exist [Hume]
No being's non-existence can imply a contradiction, so its existence cannot be proved a priori [Hume]
28. God / B. Proving God / 3. Proofs of Evidence / a. Cosmological Proof
A chain of events requires a cause for the whole as well as the parts, yet the chain is just a sum of parts [Hume]
If something must be necessary so that something exists rather than nothing, why can't the universe be necessary? [Hume]
28. God / B. Proving God / 3. Proofs of Evidence / b. Teleological Proof
The thing which contains order must be God, so see God where you see order [Hume]
28. God / B. Proving God / 3. Proofs of Evidence / c. Teleological Proof critique
From our limited view, we cannot tell if the universe is faulty [Hume]
Why would we infer an infinite creator from a finite creation? [Hume]
The universe may be the result of trial-and-error [Hume]
You can't infer the cause to be any greater than its effect [Hume]
Analogy suggests that God has a very great human mind [Hume]
If the divine cause is proportional to its effects, the effects are finite, so the Deity cannot be infinite [Hume]
From a ship you would judge its creator a genius, not a mere humble workman [Hume]
Design cannot prove a unified Deity. Many men make a city, so why not many gods for a world? [Hume]
This excellent world may be the result of a huge sequence of trial-and-error [Hume]
Humans renew their species sexually. If there are many gods, would they not do the same? [Hume]
This Creator god might be an infant or incompetent or senile [Hume]
Creation is more like vegetation than human art, so it won't come from reason [Hume]
Order may come from an irrational source as well as a rational one [Hume]
Motion often begins in matter, with no sign of a controlling agent [Hume]
The universe could settle into superficial order, without a designer [Hume]
Ideas arise from objects, not vice versa; ideas only influence matter if they are linked [Hume]
A surprise feature of all products of 9 looks like design, but is actually a necessity [Hume]
How can we pronounce on a whole after a brief look at a very small part? [Hume]
28. God / B. Proving God / 3. Proofs of Evidence / e. Miracles
To establish a miracle the falseness of the evidence must be a greater miracle than the claimed miraculous event [Hume]
It can't be more rational to believe in natural laws than miracles if the laws are not rational [Ishaq on Hume]
All experience must be against a supposed miracle, or it wouldn't be called 'a miracle' [Hume]
A miracle violates laws which have been established by continuous unchanging experience, so should be ignored [Hume]
28. God / C. Attitudes to God / 4. God Reflects Humanity
The idea of an infinite, intelligent, wise and good God arises from augmenting the best qualities of our own minds [Hume]