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23. Ethics / A. Egoism / 1. Ethical Egoism
Nietzsche rejects impersonal morality, and asserts the idea of living well [Nietzsche, by Nagel]
The question about egoism is: what kind of ego? since not all egos are equal [Nietzsche]
People do nothing for their real ego, but only for a phantom ego created by other people [Nietzsche]
The noble soul has reverence for itself [Nietzsche]
A wholly altruistic morality, with no egoism, is a thoroughly bad thing [Nietzsche]
Egoism is inescapable, and when it grows weak, the power of love also grows weak [Nietzsche]
Only the decline of aristocratic morality led to concerns about "egoism" [Nietzsche]
The ego is only a fiction, and doesn't exist at all [Nietzsche]