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10. Modality / B. Possibility / 1. Possibility
The actual must be possible, because it occurred [Aristotle]
Possibility is when the necessity of the contrary is false [Aristotle]
Anything which is possible either exists or will come into existence [Aristotle]
10. Modality / B. Possibility / 4. Potentiality
Things are destroyed not by their powers, but by their lack of them [Aristotle]
Potentialities are always for action, but are conditional on circumstances [Aristotle]
We recognise potentiality from actuality [Aristotle]
Matter is potentiality [Aristotle, by Politis]
A 'potentiality' is a principle of change or process in a thing [Aristotle]
10. Modality / B. Possibility / 7. Chance
Chance is a coincidental cause among events involving purpose and choice [Aristotle]
Maybe there is no pure chance; a man's choices cause his chance meetings [Aristotle]
Intrinsic cause is prior to coincidence, so nature and intelligence are primary causes, chance secondary [Aristotle]