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24. Political Theory / B. Nature of a State / 1. Purpose of a State
A city aims at living well [Aristotle]
A bad political constitution (especially a tyranny) makes friendship almost impossible [Aristotle]
Every state is an association formed for some good purpose [Aristotle]
Political science aims at the highest good, which involves creating virtue in citizens [Aristotle]
The same four cardinal virtues which apply to individuals also apply to a city [Aristotle]
What is the best life for everyone, and is that a communal or an individual problem? [Aristotle]
The happiest city is the one that acts most nobly [Aristotle]
24. Political Theory / B. Nature of a State / 2. State Legitimacy / d. General will
The state aims to consist as far as possible of those who are like and equal [Aristotle]
24. Political Theory / B. Nature of a State / 3. Constitutions
The greed of the rich is more destructive than the greed of the people [Aristotle]
Any constitution can be made to last for a day or two [Aristotle]
We must decide the most desirable human life before designing a constitution [Aristotle]
The four constitutions are democracy (freedom), oligarchy (wealth), aristocracy (custom), tyranny (security) [Aristotle]
The aim of legislators, and of a good constitution, is to create good citizens [Aristotle]
A city is a community of free people, and the constitution should aim at the common advantage [Aristotle]
The six constitutions are monarchy/tyranny, aristocracy/oligarchy, and polity/democracy [Aristotle]
Constitutions specify distribution of offices, the authorities, and the community's aim [Aristotle]
The best constitution enables everyone to live the best life [Aristotle]
24. Political Theory / B. Nature of a State / 4. Citizenship
A citizen is someone who is allowed to hold official posts in a city [Aristotle]
The virtues of a good citizen are relative to a particular constitution [Aristotle]
A person can be an excellent citizen without being an excellent man [Aristotle]
The middle classes are neither ambitious nor anarchic, which is good [Aristotle]