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Ideas for Michael Burke, Democritus (attrib) and Friedrich Nietzsche

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23. Ethics / D. Deontological Ethics / 1. Deontology
Replace the categorical imperative by the natural imperative [Nietzsche]
Each person should devise his own virtues and categorical imperative [Nietzsche]
23. Ethics / D. Deontological Ethics / 2. Duty
Seeing duty as a burden makes it a bit cruel, and it can thus never become a habit [Nietzsche]
It is a great thing, when one is in adversity, to think of duty [Democritus (attr)]
Guilt and obligation originated in the relationship of buying and selling, credit and debt [Nietzsche]
23. Ethics / D. Deontological Ethics / 4. Categorical Imperative
To see one's own judgement as a universal law is selfish [Nietzsche]
The idea of the categorical imperative is just that we should all be very obedient [Nietzsche]
The categorical imperative needs either God behind it, or a metaphysic of the unity of reason [Nietzsche]