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Axiom of Infinity: ∃x (0 ∈ x ∧ ∀y ∈ x (S(y) ∈ x). That is, there is a set which contains zero and all of its successors, hence all the natural numbers. The principal of induction rests on this axiom.

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Infinity: ∃x (0 ∈ x ∧ ∀y ∈ x (S(y) ∈ x)


Kenneth Kunen (Set Theory [1980], 1.7)

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Kunen,Kenneth: 'Set Theory: Introduction to Independence Proofs' [North-Holland 1980], p.19

Related Idea

Idea 15931 The iterative conception needs the Axiom of Infinity, to show how far we can iterate [Lavine]