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∈ relates across layers (Plato is a member of his unit set and the set of people), while ⊆ relates within layers (the singleton of Plato is a subset of the set of people). This distinction only became clear in the 19th century.

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∈ relates across layers, while ⊆ relates within layers


William D. Hart (The Evolution of Logic [2010], 1)

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Hart,W.D.: 'The Evolution of Logic' [CUP 2010], p.5

A Reaction

Getting these two clear may be the most important distinction needed to understand how set theory works.

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Idea 13201 ∈ says the whole set is in the other; ⊆ says the members of the subset are in the other [Enderton]

Idea 12337 There is 'transivity' iff membership ∈ also means inclusion ⊆ [Badiou]

Idea 15500 Classes divide into subclasses in many ways, but into members in only one way [Lewis]

Idea 15499 A subclass of a subclass is itself a subclass; a member of a member is not in general a member [Lewis]