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Allying certain ideas like 'crimson' and 'scarlet' is called 'association by resemblance'. The name is not a good one, since it implies that resemblance causes association, while in point of fact it is the association which constitutes the resemblance.

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We talk of 'association by resemblance' but that is wrong: the association constitutes the resemblance


Charles Sanders Peirce (Reasoning and the Logic of Things [1898], VII)

Book Reference

Peirce,Charles Sanders: 'Reasoning and the Logic of Things', ed/tr. Ketner,K.L. [Harvard 1992], p.234

A Reaction

I take it that Hume would have agreed with this. It is an answer to Russell's claim that 'resemblance' must itself be a universal.

Related Idea

Idea 4441 'Resemblance Nominalism' won't work, because the theory treats resemblance itself as a universal [Russell]