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[catalogued under 25. Social Practice / C. Rights / 1. Basis of Rights]

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The organisation of society on the basis of rights or claims that derive from group membership is sharply opposed to the concept of society based on citizenship.

Gist of Idea

Rights derived from group membership are opposed to the idea of state citizenship


Will Kymlicka (Contemporary Political Philosophy (2nd edn) [2002], 8)

Book Reference

Kymlicka,Will: 'Contemporary Political Philosophy (2nd ed)' [OUP 2002], p.334

A Reaction

[from John Porter 1987] Does this imply that you might have rights as part of a group which you don't have as a state citizen? Positive discrimination, for example. Differential rights sounds like potential trouble.

Related Idea

Idea 23380 Some individuals can gain citizenship as part of a group, rather than as mere individuals [Kymlicka]