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The actual world is a maximally consistent state-of-affairs combination involving all and only the existent objects, which in turn exist because they are maximally consistent property combinations.

Gist of Idea

The actual world is a consistent combination of states, made of consistent property combinations


Dale Jacquette (Ontology [2002], Ch. 2)

Book Reference

Jacquette,Dale: 'Ontology' [Acumen 2002], p.73

A Reaction

[This extends Idea 7688]. This seems to invite the standard objections to the coherence theory of truth, such as Ideas 5422 and 4745. Is 'maximal consistency' merely a test for actuality, rather than an account of what actuality is?

Related Ideas

Idea 7688 The actual world is a maximally consistent combination of actual states of affairs [Jacquette]

Idea 5422 More than one coherent body of beliefs seems possible [Russell]

Idea 4745 Any coherent set of beliefs can be made more coherent by adding some false beliefs [Engel]