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[catalogued under 5. Theory of Logic / I. Semantics of Logic / 2. Formal Truth]

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A truth assignment is a function from propositions to the set {T,F}. We will think of T and F as the truth values true and false, but for our purposes all we need to assume about the identity of these objects is that they are different from each other.

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We make a truth assignment to T and F, which may be true and false, but merely differ from one another


José L. Zalabardo (Introduction to the Theory of Logic [2000], §2.4)

Book Reference

Zalabardo,José L.: 'Introduction to the Theory of Logic' [Westview 2000], p.50

A Reaction

Note that T and F are 'objects'. This remark is important in understanding modern logical semantics. T and F can be equated to 1 and 0 in the language of a computer. They just mean as much as you want them to mean.