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The theory that things have 'haecceities' must be sharply distinguished from the theory referred to as 'haecceitism', which says there may be differences in transworld identities that do not supervene on qualitative differences.


One might translate 'haecceity' [pr 'hex-ey-ety'] as 'thisness'

Gist of Idea

The theory of 'haecceitism' does not need commitment to individual haecceities


Penelope Mackie (How Things Might Have Been [2006], 2.2 n7)

Book Reference

Mackie,Penelope: 'How Things Might Have Been' [OUP 2006], p.21

A Reaction

She says later [p,43 n] that it is possible to be a haecceitist without believing in individual haecceities, if (say) the transworld identities had no basis at all. Note that if 'thisness' is 'haecceity', then 'whatness' is 'quiddity'.