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Is there any sense in which, despite an ascription of necessity to p, it is held that not-p is possible? If there is, then the original claim then it was necessary is not a claim of 'logical' necessity (which is the strongest necessity).

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It is only logical necessity if there is absolutely no sense in which it could be false


Ian McFetridge (Logical Necessity: Some Issues [1986], 1)

Book Reference

-: 'Aristotelian Society' [], p.137

A Reaction

See Idea 12181, which leads up to this proposed "test" for logical necessity. McFetridge has already put epistemic ('for all I know') possibility to one side. □p→◊p is the standard reading of necessity. His word 'sense' bears the burden.

Related Idea

Idea 12181 Traditionally, logical necessity is the strongest, and entails any other necessities [McFetridge]