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The argument that the relation of dependence is well-founded a version of the classical arguments for substance. ..Any conceptual scheme which genuinely represents a world cannot contain infinite backward chains of meaning.

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If dependence is well-founded, with no infinite backward chains, this implies substances


Michael Potter (Set Theory and Its Philosophy [2004], 03.3)

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Potter,Michael: 'Set Theory and Its Philosophy' [OUP 2004], p.40

A Reaction

Thus the iterative conception of set may imply a notion of substance, and Barwise's radical attempt to ditch the Axiom of Foundation (Idea 13039) was a radical attempt to get rid of 'substances'. Potter cites Wittgenstein as a fan of substances here.

Related Idea

Idea 13039 Foundation:∀x(∃y(y∈x) → ∃y(y∈x ∧ ∃z(z∈x ∧ z∈y))) [Kunen]