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[catalogued under 9. Objects / B. Unity of Objects / 3. Unity Problems / c. Statue and clay]

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Burke has argued in a series of papers that the lump of clay which constitutes the statue is numerically distinct from the lump of clay which exists before or after the statue exists. The first is a statue, while the second is merely a lump of clay.

Gist of Idea

Maybe the clay becomes a different lump when it becomes a statue


report of Michael Burke (Dion and Theon: an essentialist solution [1994]) by Kathrin Koslicki - The Structure of Objects

Book Reference

Koslicki,Kathrin: 'The Structure of Objects' [OUP 2008], p.179

A Reaction

Koslicki objects that this introduces radically different persistence conditions from normal. It would mean that a pile of sugar was a different pile of sugar every time a grain moved (even slightly). You couldn't step into the same sugar twice.