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[catalogued under 5. Theory of Logic / L. Paradox / 2. Aporiai]

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The Aristotelian method of working form aporia allows one to use as starting points not only what is said by 'the many', but also what is said by 'the wise', including philosophers.

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By using aporiai as his start, Aristotle can defer to the wise, as well as to the many


Sally Haslanger (Persistence, Change and Explanation [1989], 1 n2)

Book Reference

'Persistence: contemporary readings', ed/tr. Haslanger,S/|Kurtz,RM [MIT 2006], p.180

A Reaction

[She mentions Nussbaum 1986:ch 7 for the opposing view] I like this thought a lot. Aristotle's democratic respect for widespread views can be a bit puzzling sometimes.

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