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[catalogued under 22. Metaethics / A. Value / 2. Values / d. Death]

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Death, the most frightening of bad things, is nothing to us; since when we exist, death is not yet present, and when death is present, then we do not exist.

Gist of Idea

Fearing death is absurd, because we are not present when it occurs


Epicurus (Letter to Menoeceus [c.291 BCE], 125)

Book Reference

Epicurus: 'The Epicurus Reader', ed/tr. Inwood,B. /Gerson,L. [Hackett 1994], p.29

A Reaction

This is a fairly accurate observation. To fear not being in this life is a bit like fearing not being in Vancouver next Tuesday. It also involves the paradox of the present moment. E.g. Idea 1904.

Related Idea

Idea 1904 Time must be unlimited, but past and present can't be non-existent, and can't be now, so time does not exist [Sext.Empiricus]