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[catalogued under 22. Metaethics / C. The Good / 1. Goodness / i. Moral luck]

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It is better for a good decision not to turn out right in action than for a bad decision to turn out right because of chance.

Gist of Idea

Sooner a good decision going wrong, than a bad one turning out for the good


Epicurus (Letter to Menoeceus [c.291 BCE], 135)

Book Reference

Epicurus: 'The Epicurus Reader', ed/tr. Inwood,B. /Gerson,L. [Hackett 1994], p.31

A Reaction

This sounds right, and on the whole the law agrees. Notice that what we need is a 'good decision', and not just to 'mean well'. The well-meaning fool is wicked. I am opposed to consequentialism, and agree with this idea.