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In a 'modally plenitudinous' ontology, wherever there is an object at all, there are objects with intrinsic modal properties instantiating every consistent modal profile.

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Wherever an object exists, there are intrinsic properties instantiating every modal profile


Amie L. Thomasson (Ordinary Objects [2007], 03.5)

Book Reference

Thomasson,Amie L.: 'Ordinary Objects' [OUP 2010], p.71

A Reaction

[She cites K.Bennett, Hawley, Rea, Sidelle] I love this. At last a label for the view I have been espousing. I am a Modal Plenitudinist. I must get a badge made.

Related Idea

Idea 15075 Modal features are not part of entities, because they are accounted for by the entity [Fine,K]