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[catalogued under 9. Objects / A. Existence of Objects / 5. Individuation / e. Individuation by kind]

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Burke claims that the 'dominant' sortal is the one whose satisfaction entails possession of the widest range of properties. For example, the statue (unlike the lump of clay) also possesses aesthetic properties, and hence is dominant.

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The 'dominant' of two coinciding sortals is the one that entails the widest range of properties


report of Michael Burke (Dion and Theon: an essentialist solution [1994]) by Theodore Sider - Four Dimensionalism 5.4

Book Reference

Sider,Theodore: 'Four Dimensionalism' [OUP 2003], p.164

A Reaction

[there are three papers by Burke on this; see all the quotations from Burke] Presumably one sortal could entail a single very important property, and the other sortal entail a huge range of trivial properties. What does being a 'thing' entail?