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Natural necessity involves causal directionality as an essential element, while entailment as a purely logical relation does not.

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If explanation is by entailment, that lacks a causal direction, unlike natural necessity


Harré,R./Madden,E.H. (Causal Powers [1975], 7.V)

Book Reference

Harré,R/Madden,E.H.: 'Causal Powers: A Theory of Natural Necessity' [Blackwell 1975], p.134

A Reaction

If there is a naturally necessary relation between an eclipse and its cause, the directionality of that doesn't seem to arise from the mutual relation between the two. You have to add time's arrow, or causation's arrow.

Related Idea

Idea 15294 Powers can explain the direction of causality, and make it a natural necessity [Harré/Madden]