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The certainty that 'I myself am in that I will die' is the basic certainty of Dasein itself. It is a genuine statement of Dasein, while 'cogito sum' is only a semblance of such a statement.


'Dasein' roughly means 'existence' or 'being there'

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Certainty that I will die is more basic to my existence than the Cogito


Martin Heidegger (History of the Concept of Time [1925], p.316-7), quoted by Richard Polt - Heidegger: an introduction 4.46-53

Book Reference

Polt,Richard: 'Heidegger: an introduction' [Routledge 2003], p.87

A Reaction

This just seems to be false. Children face their existence in thought long before they face their mortality. Absorption in activity can marginalise death, but not marginalise thought.