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The two views contrasting with essentialism naturally emerging in childhood are the claim that essentialism is a historical accident emerging from Western philosophy, and that essentialism is an inherent consequence of naming things.

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Essentialism is either natural to us, or an accident of our culture, or a necessary result of language


Susan A. Gelman (The Essential Child [2003], 01 'Background')

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Gelman,Susan A.: 'The Essential Child' [OUP 2005], p.15

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Helpful. I take Idea 15682 to rule out the idea that it is just a feature of western culture. I can't conceive of early man surviving without essentialism. I don't think it rules out the naming view. Animals may do what emerges in us as full 'naming'.

Related Idea

Idea 15682 Even fairly simple animals make judgements based on categories [Gelman]