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[catalogued under 8. Modes of Existence / C. Powers and Dispositions / 6. Dispositions / d. Dispositions as occurrent]

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In the Megaran view, there will be nothing cold or hot or pleasant or perceptible at all unless someone is currently observing it. So this Megaran wisdom turns out to boil down to rehashed Protagoras.


Protagoras was an extreme relativist about what we perceive

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Megaran actualism is just scepticism about the qualities of things


Aristotle (Metaphysics [c.324 BCE], 1047a10)

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Aristotle: 'Metaphysics', ed/tr. Lawson-Tancred,Hugh [Penguin 1998], p.259

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I don't think you can defeat the rejection of modal features of reality that easily. The Megarans might, I suppose, be called verificationists. What is the semantic value of a statement about potential?

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Idea 11938 The Megarans say something is only capable of something when it is actually doing it [Aristotle]