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[catalogued under 26. Natural Theory / D. Laws of Nature / 3. Laws and Generalities]

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Lawlike sentences are conceived as logically general dispositional statements attributing permanent dispositional properties to every member of a reference class. ...Their basic form is that of subjunctive generalizations.

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Lawlike sentences are general attributions of disposition to all members of some class


J.H. Fetzer (A World of Dispositions [1977], 3)

Book Reference

-: 'Synthese' [-], p.407

A Reaction

I much prefer talk of 'lawlike sentences' to talk of 'laws'. At least they imply that the true generalisations about nature are fairly fine-grained. Why not talk of 'generalisations' instead of 'laws'? Fetzer wants dispositions to explain everything.

Related Idea

Idea 15797 All structures are dispositional, objects are dispositions sets, and events manifest dispositions [Fetzer]