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By 'metaphysical' necessity I mean necessity of the strongest possible kind - absolute necessity - and I take it to be an objective kind of necessity, rather than being something mind-dependent.

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'Metaphysical' necessity is absolute and objective - the strongest kind of necessity


E.J. Lowe (What is the Source of Knowledge of Modal Truths? [2013], 1)

Book Reference

-: 'Mind' [-], p.1

A Reaction

See Bob Hale for the possibility that 'absolute' and 'metaphysical' necessity might come apart. I think I believe in metaphysical necessity, but I'm uneasy about 'absolute' necessity. That may be discredited by the sceptics.

Related Ideas

Idea 15086 Absolute necessity might be achievable either logically or metaphysically [Hale]

Idea 8261 Maybe not-p is logically possible, but p is metaphysically necessary, so the latter is not absolute [Hale]