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Activities can be identified spatiotemporally, and individuated by rate, duration, and types of entity and property that engage in them. They also have modes of operation, directionality, polarity, energy requirements and a range.

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Activities have place, rate, duration, entities, properties, modes, direction, polarity, energy and range


Machamer,P/Darden,L/Craver,C (Thinking About Mechanisms [2000], 3)

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-: 'Philosophy of Science' [-], p.5

A Reaction

This is their attempt at making 'activity' one of the two central concepts of ontology, along with 'entity'. A helpful analysis. It just seems to be one way of slicing the cake.

Related Idea

Idea 16553 Our account of mechanism combines both entities and activities [Machamer/Darden/Craver]