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Lewis's basic account has a basic causal relation, counterfactual dependence, and the general causal relation is the ancestral of this basic one. ...This is motivated by counterfactual dependence failing to be general because of the pre-emption problem.

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Lewis has basic causation, counterfactuals, and a general ancestral (thus handling pre-emption)


report of David Lewis (Causation [1973]) by Alexander Bird - Causation and the Manifestation of Powers p.161

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'The Metaphysics of Powers', ed/tr. Marmodoro,Anna [OUP 2013], p.161

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It is so nice when you struggle for ages with a topic, and then some clever person summarises it clearly for you.

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Idea 10032 'Ancestral' relations are derived by iterating back from a given relation [Frege, by George/Velleman]