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We must reckon as an 'orginal source' and as 'primary' the matter which underlies, though it is inseparable from the contrary qualities: for 'the hot' is not matter for 'the cold' nor 'cold' for 'hot', but the substratum is matter for them both.

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The primary matter is the substratum for the contraries like hot and cold


Aristotle (Coming-to-be and Passing-away (Gen/Corr) [c.335 BCE], 329a30)

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Aristotle: 'The Basic Works of Aristotle', ed/tr. McKeon,Richard [Modern Library Classics 2001], p.508

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A much discussed passage.

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Idea 17995 Basic is the potentially perceptible, then comes the contrary qualities, and finally the 'elements' [Anaxagoras]