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In Grice's theory if a sentence is trivially false, asserting it would violate the maxim of quality. For Stalnaker if p is trivially false, removing all worlds incompatible with p would result in an empty context-set, preventing any further communication.

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The infelicitiousness of trivial falsity is explained by expectations, or the loss of a context-set


Ofra Magidor (Category Mistakes [2013], 5.2)

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Magidor,Ofra: 'Category Mistakes' [OUP 2013], p.112

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[compressed] I'm not sure whether we need to 'explain' the inappropriateness of uttering trivial falsities. I take the main rule of conversation to be 'don't be boring', but we all violate that.

Related Idea

Idea 10991 Key conversational maxims are 'quality' (assert truth) and 'quantity' (leave nothing out) [Grice, by Read]