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[catalogued under 24. Political Theory / A. Basis of a State / 2. Population / a. Human population]

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Morally, should we double the population, even if it means reducing each person's welfare by almost half (since that will still increase overall utility)?

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To maximise utility should we double the population, even if life somewhat deteriorates?


Will Kymlicka (Contemporary Political Philosophy (1st edn) [1990], 2.4.b)

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Kymlicka,Will: 'Contemporary Political Philosophy (1st edn)' [OUP 1992], p.32

A Reaction

[He cites Derek Parfit for this] The key word is 'almost', which ensures a small increase in overall utility. I think this is a particularly good objection to utilitarianism, which aims to maximise an abstraction called 'utility'.