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[catalogued under 19. Language / F. Communication / 2. Assertion]

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If our linguistic conventions entitle us to assert a sentence, they thereby make it true, because of the maxim that 'truth is the norm of assertion'.

Gist of Idea

A maxim claims that if we are allowed to assert a sentence, that means it must be true


Vann McGee (Logical Consequence [2014], 8)

Book Reference

'Bloomsbury Companion to Philosophical Logic', ed/tr. Horsten,L/Pettigrew,R [Bloomsbury 2014], p.50

A Reaction

You could only really deny that maxim if you had no belief at all in truth, but then you can assert anything you like (with full entitlement). Maybe you can assert anything you like as long as it doesn't upset anyone? Etc.