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Sommers's 'tree theory' of predication assumes that propositions can be analysed as pairs of terms joined by some kind of predicational glue.

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Propositions can be analysed as pairs of terms glued together by predication


George Engelbretsen (Trees, Terms and Truth [2005], 2)

Book Reference

'The Old New Logic', ed/tr. Oderberg,David S. [MIT 2005], p.32

A Reaction

This is the basis of Sommers's upgraded Aristotelian logic, known as Term Logic. The idea of reasoning with 'terms', rather than with objects, predicates and quantifiers, seems to me very appealing. I think I reason more about facts than about objects.

Related Idea

Idea 18909 Aristotelian sentences are made up by one of four 'formative' connectors [Aristotle, by Engelbretsen]