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[catalogued under 11. Knowledge Aims / A. Knowledge / 5. Aiming at Truth]

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There are cognitive successes that are not obviously truth related, such as the concepts of making sense of the course of experience, and having found an empirically adequate theory.

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Making sense of things, or finding a good theory, are non-truth-related cognitive successes


Jonathan Kvanvig (Truth is not the Primary Epistemic Goal [2005], 'Epistemic')

Book Reference

'Contemporary Debates in Epistemology (2nd ed)', ed/tr. Steup/Turri/Sosa [Wiley Blackwell 2014], p.361

A Reaction

He is claiming that truth is not the main aim of epistemology. He quotes Marian David for the rival view. Personally I doubt whether the concepts of 'making sense' or 'empirical adequacy' can be explicated without mentioning truth.