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[catalogued under 21. Aesthetics / B. Nature of Art / 4. Art as Expression]

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The horror or terror of Edvard Much's 'The Scream' could in principle be expressed by different paintings, or even by works of music.

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The horror expressed in some works of art could equallly be expressed by other means


Gary Kemp (Croce and Collingwood [2012], 1)

Book Reference

'Key Thinkers in Aesthetics', ed/tr. Giovannelli,Alessandro [Continuum 2012], p.102

A Reaction

A very good simple point against the idea that the point of art is expression. It leaves out the very specific nature of each work of art!

Related Idea

Idea 20419 We don't already know what to express, and then seek means of expressing it [Kemp]