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When we come to inspect a watch we perceive (what we could not discover in a stone) that its several parts are put together for a purpose, to produce motion, and that motion so regulated as to point out the hour of the day.

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Unlike a stone, the parts of a watch are obviously assembled in order to show the time


William Paley (Natural Theology [1802], Ch 1)

Book Reference

'The Existence of God', ed/tr. Hick,John [Macmillan 1964], p.99

A Reaction

Microscopic examination of the stone would have surprised Paley. Should we infer a geometer because the sun is spherical? Crytals look designed, but are explained by deeper chemistry.

Related Ideas

Idea 21276 From the obvious purpose and structure of a watch we must infer that it was designed [Paley]

Idea 21278 All the signs of design found in a watch are also found in nature [Paley]