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In consciousness the subject distinguishes the representation from the subject and object, and relates it to both.

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Subjects distinguish representations, as related both to subject and object


Karl Leonhard Reinhold (Foundations of Philosophical Knowledge [1791], p.78), quoted by Terry Pinkard - German Philosophy 1760-1860 04

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Pinkard,Terry: 'German Philosophy 1760-1860' [CUP 2002], p.99

A Reaction

This is a reminder that twentieth century analytic discussions of perception were largely recapitulating late Enlightenment German philosophy. This is a very good definition of sense-data. I can think about my representations. Reinhold was a realist.

Related Idea

Idea 22014 Consciousness is not entirely representational, because there are pains, and the self [Schulze, by Pinkard]