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[catalogued under 23. Ethics / D. Deontological Ethics / 4. Categorical Imperative]

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The commandment of right is: be a person, and respect other persons

Gist of Idea

Be a person, and respect other persons


Georg W.F.Hegel (Elements of the Philosophy of Right [1821], 036)

Book Reference

Hegel,Georg W.F.: 'Elements of the Philosophy of Right', ed/tr. Wood,Allen W. [CUP 1991], p.69

A Reaction

This seems to be presented as a categorical imperative. He implies that you can choose whether to be a person, which seems wrong. I love making 'respect other persons' the supreme command - but I prefer 'respect everything'.

Related Idea

Idea 22770 A person is a being which is aware of its own self-directed and free subjectivity [Hegel]