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The mind and the memory are one and the same. We even call the memory the mind, for when we tell a person to remember something, we tell them to 'bear this in mind', and when we forget something 'it slipped out of my mind'.

Gist of Idea

Mind and memory are the same, as shown in 'bear it in mind' or 'it slipped from mind'


Augustine (Confessions [c.398], X.14)

Book Reference

Augustine: 'Confessions', ed/tr. Pine-Coffin,R.S. [Penguin 1961], p.220

A Reaction

This idea has become familiar in modern neuroscience, I think, presumably because we do not find distinct types of neurons for consciousness and for memory.

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Idea 22982 Why does joy in my mind make me happy, but joy in my memory doesn't? [Augustine]