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[catalogued under 12. Knowledge Sources / E. Direct Knowledge / 4. Memory]

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How can it be that my mind can be happy because of the joy that is in it, and yet my memory is not sad by reason of the sadness that is in it?

Gist of Idea

Why does joy in my mind make me happy, but joy in my memory doesn't?


Augustine (Confessions [c.398], X.14)

Book Reference

Augustine: 'Confessions', ed/tr. Pine-Coffin,R.S. [Penguin 1961], p.220

A Reaction

This seems to contradict his thought in Idea 22981, that memory and mind are the same. Recall seems to be a part of consciousness which is not fully wired up to the rest of the mind.

Related Idea

Idea 22981 Mind and memory are the same, as shown in 'bear it in mind' or 'it slipped from mind' [Augustine]