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It would seem that historically the decisive step was taken by Socrates in conceiving of human beings as being run by a mind or reason.. …He postulated an entity whose precision nature and function then was a matter of considerable debate.

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Socrates first proposed that we are run by mind or reason


report of Socrates (reports of career [c.420 BCE]) by Michael Frede - Intro to 'Rationality in Greek Thought' p.19

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'Rationality in Greek Thought', ed/tr. Frede,M /Striker,G [OUP 1999], p.19

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This is, for me, a rather revelatory idea. I am keen on the fact the animals make judgements which are true and false, and also that we exhibit rationality when walking across uneven ground. So pure rationality is a cultural construct!

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Idea 23248 Early empiricists said reason was just a useless concept introduced by philosophers [Galen, by Frede,M]