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Liberals need to replace the idea of 'benign neglect', and recognise the central role of nation-building in a democracy. …This means promoting a common language, and equal access to institutions operating in that language.

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Liberals need more than freedom; they must build a nation, through a language and institutions


Will Kymlicka (Contemporary Political Philosophy (2nd edn) [2002], 8.3)

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Kymlicka,Will: 'Contemporary Political Philosophy (2nd ed)' [OUP 2002], p.347

A Reaction

'Benign neglect' is non-interference with citizens' lives. Obviously the institutions include education, but is a state health service implied? Can equal access by guaranteed to private institutions?

Related Idea

Idea 23389 Why shouldn't national minorities have their own right to nation-build? [Kymlicka]