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[catalogued under 24. Political Theory / D. Ideologies / 6. Liberalism / f. Multiculturalism]

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Liberal multiculturalism challenges status inequalities while preserving individual freedom. …Conservative multiculturalism replaces liberal principles with a communitarian politics of the common good, at least at the local or group level.

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Multiculturalism is liberal if it challenges inequality, conservative if it emphasises common good


Will Kymlicka (Contemporary Political Philosophy (2nd edn) [2002], 8.6)

Book Reference

Kymlicka,Will: 'Contemporary Political Philosophy (2nd ed)' [OUP 2002], p.369

A Reaction

[compressed] This sounds a bit simplistic. Recent emphasis on 'the common good', in the face of white supremacists etc., seems admirable, but surely challenging inequalities promotes the common good? Minority cultures are often conservative.