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Communitarians rarely distinguish between collective activities and political activities. Shared participation aids intelligent decisions about the good life, but why should that be organised through the state, rather than by free individuals?

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Participation aids the quest for the good life, but why should that be a state activity?


Will Kymlicka (Community [1993], 'need')

Book Reference

'A Companion to Contemporary Political Phil', ed/tr. Goodin,R.E/Pettit,Philip [Blackwell 1995], p.373

A Reaction

Kylicka points out later that local groups can be very unintelligent or prejudiced. Modern media have changed that picture, because participation can be with geographically remote people.

Related Idea

Idea 23417 If the state is neutral, there won't be sufficient community to support a welfare state [Taylor,C, by Kymlicka]