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[catalogued under 20. Action / C. Motives for Action / 1. Acting on Desires]

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In deliberation, the last appetite or aversion immediately adhering to the action, or to the omission thereof, is that we call the Will.

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The will is just the last appetite before action


Thomas Hobbes (Leviathan [1651], 1.06)

Book Reference

Hobbes,Thomas: 'Leviathan', ed/tr. Macpherson,C.B. [Penguin 1981], p.127

A Reaction

I share his caution about 'the will', but his observation strikes me as inaccurate. When I drink, my 'will' is not my thirst. I take the will to be a feature of my reason. I gave my thirst permission to indulge itself. The will is practical reason?