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[catalogued under 10. Modality / B. Possibility / 4. Potentiality]

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Although not all potentialities are dispositions, Vetter claims that all dispositions are potentialities which are had to a sufficiently high degree.

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A potentiality may not be a disposition, but dispositions are strong potentialities


report of Barbara Vetter (Potentiality [2015]) by Friend/Kimpton-Nye - Dispositions and Powers 2.4.2

Book Reference

Friend/Kimpton-Nye: 'Dispositions and Powers' [CUP 2023], p.28

A Reaction

This sounds plausible. A potentiality could be faint or negligible, but once it is a serious possibility it becomes a 'disposition'. ...I suppose. But if the meteor is probably going to hit my house, it doesn't mean it has a disposition to do so.