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Lewis gives an account of causation in terms of counterfactual conditionals (roughly, an event c causes an event e iff if c had not happened then e would not have happened either).


'Counterfactuals' are statements beginning "If.." - events that might have happened, but didn't

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An event causes another just if the second event would not have happened without the first


report of David Lewis (works [1973]) by Stathis Psillos - Causation and Explanation Intro

Book Reference

Psillos,Stathis: 'Causation and Explanation' [Acumen 2002], p.5

A Reaction

This feels wrong to me. It is a version of Humean constant conjunction, but counterfactuals are too much a feature of our minds, and not sufficiently a feature of the world, to do this job. Tricky.