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[catalogued under 13. Knowledge Criteria / B. Internal Justification / 4. Foundationalism / b. Basic beliefs]

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Sentence are held to be basic because they are self-evident or 'cataleptic' (Stoics), or rooted in sense data (positivists), or grasped by intuition (Platonists), or revealed by God, or grasped by faculties certified by God (Descartes).

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Basic beliefs are self-evident, or sensual, or intuitive, or revealed, or guaranteed


J Baggini / PS Fosl (The Philosopher's Toolkit [2003], 1.01)

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Baggini,J and Fosl,P.S.: 'The Philosopher's Toolkit' [Blackwells 2003], p.5

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These are a bit blurred. Isn't intuition self-evident? Isn't divine guarantee a type of revelation? How about reason, experience or authority?